Totally Flexible Learning for Higher Education

At Acavista, students enrol in courses with clearly defined learning goals but no classes or even online learning.  Instead, students are free to choose how they learn outside of Acavista.  There are plenty of ways to learn in the world these days, many of them are free.

Students get to choose what they learn, how they learn, when they learn, how fast (or how slow) they learn, and, most importantly, how much (or how little) they spend on learning.  When they are ready they come back to Acavista to get assessed and gain qualifications.

Acavista addresses the major challenges facing students in higher education:

1. The high cost – Acavista courses are dramatically cheaper than traditional courses, leaving students to choose how they wish to spend their money on learning.

2. Lack of flexibility – Acavista provides total flexibility in learning. Students get to choose what they learn, how they learn, when they learn and how much they spend on learning. 

3. Lack of places – Acavista has no requirements or restrictions on enrolments, although we do advise what knowledge and skills are usually needed to undertake a course.

4. Industry Gap – Acavista will reduce the gap between higher education and industry jobs by having courses defined by industry experts and organisations.  

5. Limited range of courses – Acavista will have a wider range of courses, and more industry-related courses, defined by industry experts and organisations.

Remember, Acavista focuses on helping others define courses (i.e. what to learn) and then arranging final assessments for those courses.  Acavista does not provide any classes or even online learning.  

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